Announcing our online partnership with

We are proud to announce another online partnership with a ministry out of Alberta, Canada.


Praise Radio is quickly becoming a popular Christian radio station throughout the internet. We are blessed to partner with Byron Fester in his God-ordained venture. Be sure to check out the web site where he posts information on his artists and support them! We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such a special partnership.

We have placed this same information on our our Radio page. You can request some of our songs to play in the rotation by clicking here.

Site: Praise Radio

If you know of any radio or online broadcasting stations that we could partner with, then please do reach out and let us know. We are always looking for expanding the realm of God’s work through Heart of Grace Ministries.

Merry Christmas From Heart of Grace Ministries!

Thought we would share something that reminded us again of why it is far better to give than receive. We got this from one of the residents at a nursing home that we sing at regularly. It blessed us greatly with joy to see it. God bless everyone and may you have a Merry Christmas!




Heart of Grace Voted Best Local Website By LaFollette Press! Thanks Everyone!

We wanted to thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry into the LaFollette Press for the Readers’s Choice award for best local website. We hope this will serve as another opportunity to reach out to their reader base as a chance to lead people to Jesus Christ! Help us spread the word by spreading the news! Check out the ad that will run on October 30th below!


Our Radio Signal Range Just Got Bigger. Tune In On Saturdays!

We have now committed to a new partnership with The Life FM! This has allowed us to expand our radio show beyond Campbell County and begin to move outward into the greater East Tennessee area. This will help us to reach out to people in places like Knoxville, Oak Ridge, and Chattanooga. Click the image to learn more about The Life FM.






You can tune in to listen on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM on any of the following stations. Click on the images for more information and coverage maps to see if it is in your area.

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Looking Back Over The Year 2013

What a year it has been for Heart of Grace Ministries this year. We have all went through so many new experiences, with some of them good and a few of them difficult. Through all of the trials and temptations we have found God with us in it all. We are truly blessed and could never honor God enough for the things we have gotten to share together!

We have lost some very dear people this year. Some of them were pillars of the churches we have attended and visited over the years. For the dozens of families that shared the honor of allowing us to honor their loved ones in song: we thank you for the opportunity to obey God and be of help to you. We pray as you enter a new year that you will find the comfort of God’s spirit through the difficult times. I hope that you will (through the grieving process) begin to find life with joy once again. We offer an extended acknowledgement to the families of Effie Miller, Albert White, and Laura Sharp. Your loved ones have had an impact to all of us and it was a privilege to have known them. The impact that all of these lives have had upon us will never forgotten.

We have also went through a lot as a family. From near-death accidents to critical surgeries we have experienced the emotional roller coasters and unexpected situations that life will be guaranteed to deliver. Through the grace of God and His blessings those around us came through their experiences and now have a greater testimony as a result. I can definitely say that these things have brought us closer together and has helped us to realize in a greater way what is most important: having a relationship Jesus Christ. Without Jesus with us we would have surely found many times to be without hope and nothing to help our troubled hearts.

Through all of the circumstances we have walked through we have still pushed to obey God in our ministry. The nursing home ministry has never been better and we love the privilege to be with our special friends every month. They love Rebekah’s children and light up at the sight of new life that comes to visit. It is wonderful to hear them sing songs and teach us a thing or two about being a good soldier. The radio broadcast is going strong and is reaching more than ever. We appreciate all who spread the word about our broadcast and encourage you to continue and do so. It is another avenue that may reach those who will not go inside of a church. The cd and internet ministry is growing faster than we can meet the demand. Thank you for passing on your discs to others and sharing posts through texts/social media. We are so thankful to be a part of spreading the word of God no matter where it may be played. Every time we hear a testimony of how it has helped you it gives us strength and motivation to keep on doing the work of sending out what God speaks in our ministry to the hedges and highways. Our book ministry has finally broken ground and is beginning to grow. Continue to pray that we will follow through with the vision God gave us in this calling!

In closing I want to personally thank every single church that has welcomed us to obey God in their sanctuary. We realize that your church is your home and we love the chance to share the pleasure of worshipping God and fellowshipping with all of you. We hope to continue and receive the invitations to return! A special thanks to all the singers and musicians we have sung and played with over this year. It was always fun to jump in and jam together! I want to also thank my home church (13th Street Church of God) for the chance to operate in the gift of delivering the word of God and the love and support that comes with it. Even as God begins to shift our ministry to a new home base in the future I pray that God will move us all forward in our callings and that we will continue to have a great fellowship through the legacies that we are paving for the upcoming generations to come.

We hope to be at your church in the upcoming year and to hear about the wonderful things that God is working for your good. We wish you a blessed New Year and a favored season in your life.

~ Jared M.