Video: Singing – “Promises” & “My Hope Is In The Blood”

He didn’t promise that I would never stumble,
But He did say He’d be there if I fall
He didn’t tell me He’d hear complaints I whispered,
But He did say He’d hear me if I call.

Promises, promises, and all of them true.
He’s done exactly what He said He would do.
He didn’t promise my heart would not be broken,
But He did say He’d mend it again.

He didn’t promise my cross would not be heavy,
But He did say that He my load would bear,
He didn’t tell me He’d grant my hopes and wishes,
But He did say He’d hear my earnest prayer.

My Hope Is In The Blood

Every hope that I have here in this old sinful world,
is anchored in the blood of the lamb.
Tho the billows are raging and we’re tossed to and fro,
there is peace beneath that flow.

My hope of the precious lamb of God,
is in the blood
There is no other fountain so sweet.
no fount so sweet.
It has washed away my sin gave me peace and joy within,
my hope is anchored in His blood, His precious blood.

Only one thing will matter when the time shall come to die,
the treasures of this world won’t mean a thing.
but the joy of knowing Jesus will vanish all my fear,
for He took away death’s sting.

A Light At The River

There’s a deep silent river flowing just beyond
Its waters are deep and wide.
Faith sees a light, a beaconing light,
Down by the ri-ver side.

There’s light at the river, a light at the river,
There’s a light at the river I can see.
My Lord will stand and hold in His hand,
A light at the river for me.

To that deep silent river we will one day come,
We will cross over waters wide.
He will carry us away to the realms of day,
To that Home on the other side.